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HMDA Acquires Land Pooling Scheme For City Development

Posted by ownaplot on July 26, 2023
HMDA Acquires Land Pooling Scheme For City Development

What is Telangana Land Pooling Policy?

The Hyderabad government is acquiring land from farmers for development. The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) develops the land taken from the farmers and gives developed plots to the farmers.

Land Pooling at Inmulnarva & Lemoor

As a part of the land pooling scheme, the land 92.25 acres from Inmulnarva and 83.48 acres from Lemoor will be collected. The land collection process by the government is completed, and the layout process will begin very soon. The farmers will get 60 percent, and HMDA will get 40 percent of the land from the scheme.

Enmulnarva Layout Details :

-> Enmulnarva Layout

-> Enmulnarva Notification

Lemoor Layout Details:

-> Lemoor Layout

-> Lemoor Notification

Land Pooling In Telangana

The total land of 924.48 acres will be collected from various places like Enmulnarva, Lemoor, Korremula, Pasranagaram, Bogaram, Mutharam, and Dandu Malkapur as a part of land pooling scheme hyderabad. Own a Plot has extensive experience in providing the right investment opportunities. We help you have the complete information and take you through every step.

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