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Vastu Tips for New Home

Posted by ownaplot on November 23, 2023
Vastu Tips for New Home - Ownaplot

Vastu Tips for New Home

Vastu Shastra is an old Indian belief in setting up homes, which has been in use for more than 5000 years. It is all about making your new home bring in positive energy with the rules of nature and the universe. We have listed Vastu tips for your space to create a cost and balanced space that’s good for your well-being.

Essence of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra will enhance your spiritual connection. This ancient practice, blending art and science fosters an inner peace and tranquillity. It also helps in fostering harmonious relationships among the residents.

In the Vastu tips for new home, the main focus is on directions and shapes of the home. Rooms can have shapes like rectangles, squares, circles, or bars. Directions like South East (Agneya), South West (Nyruthi), North East (Eesanya), and North West (Vayuvya) play a crucial role.

Alongside these, there are 12 principles covering aspects like furniture arrangement, flow, privacy, spaciousness, flexibility, efficiency, elegance, views, arrangement, grouping, cleanliness, and sanitation, contributing to the structure’s design.

Vastu Shastra establishes a link between the physical environment and our well-being by promoting happiness and mental health also.

5 Vastu Shastra Tips for New Home

1. Orientation

The alignment of your home is a very crucial part of Vastu Shastra. Try to plan your main entrance to face east or north with our Vastu tips for your new home. Since these directions are linked to positive energy that brings in good vibes. Entrances facing south or west are considered unfavorable most of the time, so try to avoid those facing.

2. Living Room

Place the living room in the northwest direction which is known as the best zone of wealth and prosperity in Vastu. Arrange the seating or furniture so that you face either north or east for positive energy in Vastu-compliant homes.

3. Kitchen

Position the kitchen in the southeast direction as per the Vastu tips for new home, linked to fire and energy in Vastu. This ensures a balanced mix of elements in your home. Place the stove in the southeast corner and the refrigerator in the northwest direction for optimal Vastu harmony.

4. Bedroom

According to Vastu tips for a new home, place the master bedroom in the southwest direction, and position the bed so that your head is either facing east or west for good Vastu. It’s recommended to avoid sleeping with your head facing north, as this direction is linked with negativity.

5. Bathroom

Position the bathroom in the northwest direction and place the toilet in the northwest or north for favorable Vastu. It’s essential to keep the bathroom well-ventilated and also recommended to refrain from placing mirrors in this area. This promotes a positive and harmonious atmosphere in your living space.


By adding Vastu into your home design, you can craft a living space that is not only harmonious and balanced but also fosters overall well-being. It’s crucial to recognize that Vastu Shastra extends beyond the physical layout of your home, it’s about cultivating positive energy within.

Nurturing a positive energy flow ensures that your home becomes a haven of peace, prosperity, and happiness. So, as you shape your surroundings, consider the impact on the energy that permeates every corner, contributing to a fulfilling and enriching living experience.”

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